The first Youth Business Camp opened its doors to the first generation of participants

Today, in the premises of RIT Croatia, the two-week program Youth Business Camp Switzerland Adria Zagreb started. Ten participants of this year’s camp will have the opportunity to hear 19 renowned and experienced lecturers coming from our most prestigious university and private institutions, including the Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT Croatia, Vern, Edward Bernays, Algebra, but also lecturers with practical experience. Attendees will, among other things, hear about branding, positioning, intellectual property. All lectures will be live, except for a lecture by Harvard Medical School’s global director Will Straughn who will report live from Boston, and Dean of Geneva Campus of Swiss School of Business and Management,  Ivana Nobilo who will report live from Geneva.  Also, two surprise lecturers are waiting for the participants. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear a lecture by the director of the Zagreb Zoo, Mr. Damir Skok, and hear the other side of the story of how a public institution is managed and visit the Altpro factory and will have the opportunity to hear first hand. Participants will receive a certificate from the World Innovation and Change Management Institute.


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