Dex Laninovic

I am an entrepreneur and leadership coach with international experience. I am also a co-author of the book “Orbimetrija” and a few research papers. I hold a postgraduate diploma in Marketing in Special Areas with a final paper on Marketing in Sport, after which I started my doctoral studies of human resources, now on the second year.
After over 20 years of professional volleyball and 280 performances for the Croatian national team, as the most successful Croatian volleyball player and captain of the national
team, I retired from professional sports and dedicated myself completely to entrepreneurship and management, areas in which I have been gaining experience during my sports career. As I was the captain of AOK Mladost, Montpellier, Bilzen, Hotvolley, Innsbruck and Croatian national team, I continued to develop my leadership skills on the court as well as outside of it. I was a leading Croatian man young national team as a coach, Croatian women national team as an assistant coach, was working as a development coordinator and finally as sports director in the Croatian Volleyball Federation. I am an FIVB level 2 international coach and still a member of the Commission for Digitalisation and New Media in Croatian Olympic Committee. At the moment I live in Nyon with my wife and two children.