Take matters into your own hands, be competitive, get involved, connect – we are waiting for you!

In accordance with the standards of the World Innovation and Change Management Institute in Geneva, a team of different experts with experience designed the unique content of the Youth Business Camp. We are here for you at all times.



There are times when you feel the need to ask some questions, there are times when you want to talk to someone. Feel free to rely on us and our team. We are available to you at almost any time. One of our key messages is that only a two-way communication can solve all challenges. We are full of optimism – this is the basis of our program. Business is also based on open communication. We are part of the team; we are at your service. If we are able to and if it is in accordance with the rules of our camp, we are here for you.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@youthbusinesscamp.ch


In the business world, safety has several concepts: from safety at work, management of tools, machines, procedures. There is no organization that has not implemented security measures. It is not only about epidemiological measures, but also about evacuation in case of unexpected situations. Safety is one of the keys to our camp, but at this moment you must take care of your safety with your behavior, respect for the measures and rules of the camp.


Every person you have met so far and that you will meet on the path of your personal and business development has its own mission, just like you. Respect differences and accept differences. Don’t let the color of your skin, religion, ethnicity or gender be an obstacle in your progress, because none of us chose our place of birth or affiliation. Every person you observe can be you. So be careful and accept differences through knowledge because you can learn something from each person and come to a conclusion. Respect others if you expect others to respect you. It is the reciprocity of life energy in creation.


People often wonder what happiness is. We believe that everyone who came to this camp is happy to be able to learn and later implement that knowledge in order to not only support themselves but also their community. Knowledge is something that no one will ever take away from you, but if it is not shared with others, then it has no real value. We are happy that you will be with us. In business terms we are in an era where employee happiness and satisfaction are one of the keys to success. If you didn’t know, new occupations are emerging. Maybe you too will one day become a Chief Happiness Officer and be part of a process that will create and spread optimism within the community.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are devoted to learning – mornings for lectures, afternoons for mentored group work on your project.

Thursday and Saturday are reserved for field trips, some sightseeing and visiting successful companies.

Typically, breakfast is before lectures that start at 9 am, lunch around 12:30, group work finishes at 5 pm, followed by physical activities of your choice, dinner and free time.

We end the week with Sunday’s sleep in (yes, we know you like it) followed by lunch, walk and hanging out together, having fun – sometimes by the lake, sometimes in the woods or in the mountains.

Don’t worry, you will have plenty time every day to participate in sports and activities, all while having enough free time to enjoy the scenery and to mingle with colleagues.